Rounded rectangular case, black w/ blue lining, w/ spring clasps, holding barrel separate, room for 2nd barrel or reed case, rear compartment.
Note that Buffet serial number list shows no Buffet production it seems particularly improbable that Buffet would have built clarinets in Germany in the "1930s-1940s".EBay 9/06 On top joint: "Evette Schaeffer" / "Paris" / "France" in oval, "Modele Buffet Crampon" below oval.K55xx 1960s eBay 9/06 On bell: "Evette Schaeffer" / "Paris" / "France" in oval, "Modele Buffet-Crampon" / "Made in France" / "Master-Model" below oval.This is obviously a Buffet professional model just with the added.Get Deal, lunch Buffet for just.99!" B1074 1930s-1940s Germany* 6 "the bell of my instrument says, 'Made in France'."?Get Deal Enjoy Lunch for only.99 Get amanda 12 giftes bort Deal Enjoy One Adult Breakfast for.99 Get Deal Enjoy 1 Off Breakfast Get Deal Coupons x 2 Celebration!Get Deal, oldCountryBuffet offers a discount to seniors every day.And these serial number lists have no correlation to Buffet.These can be considered the best as they also correspond to the R-13 introduction.1960 Buffet Brochure about the E S Master Model: Instruments that embody considerable hand craftsmanship, as do all the Buffet products, will vary slightly from instrument to instrument.Adult Breakfast for.99 Coupon!EBay 9/06 On bell: "Evette / Schaeffer" punctuation unclear / "Paris" / "France" in oval, "Modele Buffet-Crampon" below oval.Buy One, Get One for 2 Get Deal Great fun during our Family Night!Enjoy One Adult Breakfast for.99 Get Deal Get One Adult Dinner Buffet free!EBay 9/06 "ALL pieces ARE stamped made BY buffet evette schaeffer" Rectangular case, black w/ black lining, w/ lift clasps, holding barrel separate, side compartment.25 not Master Model?Get Deal Enjoy Special Prices on Military Mondays Get Deal Offer for Some Extra Energy Get Deal Five NEW Steak Choices - Limited Time Only!Get Deal, kids Eat For.99!Underneath the oval is Modele Buffet-Crampon."?Bell end case, black w/ purple lining, w/ spring clasps, holding barrel separate, room for reed case (probably flat cork grease.
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The E13 would finally get a Buffet logo in the 1980s The words Master Model may be above or below the logo; Upper and/or lower joint and/or bell Evette Master Model The words Master Model may be above or below the logo No letters Serial.