Amazon chose the wildcard finalist based on a combination of the following criteria: Ratings from Alexa customers, ratings from Amazon judges, depth and breadth of topics covered.
Fake News CNN meme Contest.
I am now excited to announce the university teams that will be competing in the finals!Appropriateness and accuracy of responses, scientific merit as determined by the content of the technical paper.Any submission is subject to our rules and copyright laws (DO NOT steal other peoples work lawsuits suck!).The 2017 Alexa Prize winners and members of the Amazon Alexa Prize team.(each entry must BE sent ieparate individual E-mail dont send multiple entries in 1 e-mail thank you).More information TO come.During the semifinals period, which started on July 1 and ended on August 15, 2017, Alexa customers interacted with the socialbots by saying Alexa, lets chat to any Alexa powered device.Weve hit another milestone in the Alexa Prize,.5 million university competition to advance conversational.(You should receive confirmation within 24hrs of your submission.The journey doesnt end here.Fake News CNN meme contest!Congratulations to Alquist, Sounding Board, and Whats up Bot!Your work (logo, Twitter address, Website, initials, e-mail, name, etc in one of the 4 corners of your meme.).20 Proceedings 2017 Finals Video, winner: Team Sounding Board, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA.Un-tagged submissions are in-eligible for prize.With an average score.17 and average duration of 10 minutes and 22 seconds, Team Sounding Board will share the 500,000 prize among the student team members.