Disasters can bring out the best in people, but the reverse may also be true: Scammers try to take advantage of disasters by stealing donations intended to help victims.
Credit Repair and Debt Relief Scams Overwhelming debt can make you desperate and reckless.
Use caution when hiring a home improvement contractor.Don't let your money go to charity fraud.Investment scams prey on the desire to make money without too much risk or initial funding.Clicking on the wrong link or downloading a scammer's attachment can result in malware spreading to your computer.Unfortunately, we did not find sufficient information whether diy easy birthday gifts Sweepstakesalerts is safe for children or does not look fraudulent.Beware of usps Imposter Phone Calls.Be wary of high-pressure sales tactics, up front fees, and fly-by-night businesses.Call the Postal Inspection Service.Learn how to recognize reshipping scams.If you believe you have cvs spotify gift card received a check that is related to a sweepstakes or lottery, do not accept the check.They steal from designers and innovators who create original work.Online Purchase Scams, online purchase scams often involve purchases and sales on eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, and other direct seller-to-buyer sites.A counterfeit Postal Service check is enclosed in each letter with instructions to wire a portion of the money outside the country after depositing the check.We hope not, because Postal Inspectors have confirmed it's just a scam.Foreign Money Exchange Scams, the script may change - sometimes it's a Nigerian prince, sometimes a wealthy businessman - but the ploy is the same.Unexpected withdrawals, charges, and accounts could be the result of identity theft.Chances are good that someone you know has been scammed.BBB, scam, tracker Brought to you by the BBB Institute for Marketplace Trust.There are a variety of healthcare scams out there.
Business Email Compromise, a lot is happening behind the scenes among businesses and banks to help you pay for purchases with a credit card.
And thats why we created these articles, presentations, video and activities to help you start that conversation, and pass on some information that could help someone you know.