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Other Links Starbucks kroger game day sweepstakes Card FAQs.Or their respective subsidiaries, licensees and affiliated companies (collectively, "Starbucks in Canada.If you use multiple forms of payment in one transaction, such as cash, credit card, or an unregistered Starbucks Card, the registered Starbucks Card that you use will be awarded a prorated number of Stars based on the eligible purchase amount that was applied.You can view and track your Star balance and available Rewards on /account or by using the Starbucks mobile app.Your continued participation in Starbucks Rewards following any applicable notice period confirms your acceptance of these Terms of Use and any such changes or modifications; therefore, you should review these Terms of Use and applicable policies and FAQs frequently to understand can you use a mastercard gift card on amazon the terms and conditions.you will earn Stars at the rate of three (3) Stars for each One Dollar (1.00) you spend at participating Starbucks stores using any registered Starbucks Card so long as you have registered your "partner" Starbucks Card to the same Starbucks Rewards account.The Stars that you earn after reaching the Gold Level - including fractional Stars - expire six (6) months after the calendar month in which they are earned unless prohibited by law.You are eligible for one (1) Double-Star Day once each calendar month beginning no later than five (5) weeks after you reach the Gold Level.It played a significant role in propelling Starbucks to market cap of billions.Not many people know they will be downgraded to green-tier in 12 months if they fail to achieve 300 stars and the star balance resets.There are no membership fees associated with Starbucks Rewards.Special offers may be distributed by email, the Mobile Inbox on the Starbucks mobile app, or by physical mail.Special offers may include periodic discounts on food, beverages and merchandise, or the opportunity to earn "bonus" Stars.Remember to redeem your Reward at a participating store before your Stars expire.By opening an account and registering a Starbucks Card, you will be automatically enrolled in Starbucks Rewards at the Green Level.Starbucks Card Terms and Conditions.You must opt-in to receive promotional and marketing offers from Starbucks and may be required to provide a valid email, telephone and physical address in order to receive your special offers.No currency exchange is applied to the value of your purchase for the purpose of determining how many Stars you have earned.One (1) free drink or food item after every one hundred twenty-five (125) additional Stars earned after reaching the Gold Level.If you earn at least three hundred (300) Stars within the twelve bitiba first order discount (12) month period following your enrollment date, you will qualify for the Gold Level.