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As for PayPal, Ive attached my entire email thread with Susan in PayPals Resolution Centre but my hopes are not high.
Submit Tips You can also choose to add funds to your small leather gifts for him PayPal account before you send money so the payment can come out of your PayPal balance.
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I thought that once the money is in my PayPal account, it means its mine for keeps.Almost all the payments are received in US dollars but transferring funds into your Canadian-based US dollar account from PayPal is not easy.Me: Hi Susan, Can I ask if this is going to be an ongoing service or is it just another 1000RMB?So I proceeded to help her with the Alipay transaction as promised.Send Money Now *Funds go quickly into their PayPal account.If your account is verified by bank transfer or other means, then yes.Expand your payment options with our credit, debit, prepaid cards PayPal Credit.Question How long does it take to receive funds?If you are in another country, it can take 3-4 days, mainly because you have to request a conversion from USD to your currency, which takes a few days.Accept cards, PayPal, Apple Pay, PayPal Credit and much more.Susan: hi i know it may be hard for you, i really t hope this be last time i sent you 15850 to your paypal please send 1000RMB to : when done let me know thanks alot I did think the email domain name was.
Is it more convenient if you did an ATM transfer to me though?
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