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Through this presence, the unfamiliar become familiar.
40 for 30 minutes.Date 4th Placed 1st 2nd 3rd, later, in Service, year, year, year, years 2017 11,5601 5,700 3,450 2,5601 5,700 3,350 2,4601 5,600 3,350 1,4601 5,500 3,350 1,3601 5,400 3,250 1,3601 5,300 3,150 1,2601 5,200 3,150 1,1601 5,100 3,050 1,0601 4,900 2,950 1,1601 5,100 3,050 1,260.11 am.Sunday December 9th 2 pm. .Aquarius Books and Gifts, monday - Saturday 10:00 am - 5:00 pm 528 Ntreet, grants Pass, Oregon.Call Fred to reserve your booth no charge for booth and you keep all proceeds!We are joined together at this sacred hour with the I Am that I Am, Mother/Father God, The Great Spirit, The Infinite, The Original Cause, or any expression that reflects reverence for the Great Mystery and we call to all Ascended Masters, Angelic Kingdoms, Spirit.Saturday November 17th 10 am 4 pm Psychic Mollie Means 30 Minute Readings llie james perse coupon code Means is a licensed Ordained Minister, Practitioner and holds a Doctor of Divinity Certification.We believe it is our mutual responsibility to future generations to globally embrace sustainability, while encouraging the universality of humanity, regardless of any distinctions.All that is required is to be present for the one who is calling out from their discomfort and yearning for connection.Sunday December 2nd Aquarius shifts to Holiday Schedule Monday through Saturday 10 am.Huge selection of spiritual self help uplifting books.Mollie offers private counseling and mentoring, and it is her sincere desire to assist those seeking.All materials are provided, advanced reservations are needed.Join Forest Waters and Aurora Collins in this visionary adventure.Fred Jenning Rogers, Founder, aquarius Books Gifts, doors open: January 20, 2009 rock and gem show daily aquarius books rocks and gifts grants pass oregon southern oregon the most amazing best wonderful metaphysical new age bookstore in grants pass oregon, the united states and the.Sunday December 2nd 11 am.Enter the Inner Sanctum in silence, where facilitator Bob Davis will set the intention, spend 30 minutes in Silent Meditation, then Bob will call the Meditation to a close.Try mixing things up with this refreshing mojito crafted specifically for fall.
Saturday December 1st 1 pm 4 pm 20 Connecting Points: A gathering of people who initially present themselves as strangers only to find their similarities and familiarities in that perceived distance.
Kathleen Johnson Crystalline Christmas Sound Activation.

30 Minute Readings 50 Sharon has conversations with the Spirit World.