Clearance of the slum tracts and their subsequent redevelopment have removed entire urban districts that once housed many hundreds of small firms.
It lies at a height of 133 feet (40 metres) above sea level, enclosed by the slopes of the.
The economy Industry There has long been a contrast between the economies of the core city (Manchester itself, together with the industrial areas of Salford and Stretford) and the textile towns that form the northern and eastern margins of the urban cluster.And, at the grounds of the Old Trafford Cricket Club, test matches are played against overseas cricket teams visiting Great Britain.Manchester, then, is a city in transition: its face is being transformed by redevelopment, and its dependence on the insecure base of the textile industries is declining with the growth of a much broader economic structure.In 1930 the city extended its boundaries far to the south beyond the River Mersey, to annex 9 square miles (23 square km) of the northern portion of the former administrative county.Owens College (now known as Victoria University of Manchester) became the nucleus of the first and largest of the great English civic universities, while the academic success of the Manchester Grammar School made it something of a model in the development of selective secondary education.The growth in the size of shipping, together with changes in the pattern of maritime trade, led to a slow decline in the use of the waterway, and by the mid-1980s the upper parts had been closed to traffic.Manchester United the biggest football club in the world will go into the next Premier League season without Sir Alex Ferguson who retired at the end of last season and David Moyes has taken charge of the club for the 2014-15 campaign and.(2001) city, 392,419; Greater Manchester metropolitan county, 2,482,328; (2011) city, 503,127; Greater Manchester metropolitan county, 2,682,528.The latter contains a fine collection of paintings, sculpture, silver, and pottery and is supplemented by several branch galleries.The system faces private competition, however, especially from flexible minibus services.Up to about 1960 the city centre recorded the abnormally low total of only 970 sunshine hours annually.Manchester Untied have bought some of the best players in the world but the most expensive signings is Dimitar Berbatove from Tottenham Hotspurs who cost around 31m, while the Manchester Unite sold Cristiano Ronaldo for record 80m to Real Madrid.In its first form, the fort was a simple field fortification of shallow ditches, earth banks, and timber palisades.