File, clicking, save, and clicking, save in the pop-up window.
Open a page or go to a screen that you want to save as an image file.
Question How do I print using snipping tool when the document is more than one screen in length?
Exe from an XP computer.2, find the Windows lions sweep packers Win key.It works for beyond yoga gift card most full screen applications and games except for some unique steam games such as.5 Save the image to the clipboard instead of to a permanent file.Question How can I do this in Windows 8?Taking a screenshot on Windows 10 with Snipping Tool.This method is a little bit complicated as you need to enable Game Bar in the Xbox app before you can start taking screenshot for your games.The downside of this method is that you will have to manually paste and save your screenshot using an image editor tool such as the Windows 10 built in picture editor, Paint.I found this answer on the Microsoft answers page.When you hold Windows key (beside ALT) and press the print screen button (PR Sc SysRq button Windows 10 will capture whatever that is currently on your computer screen and save it into your UsersPicturesScreenshots folder.Sometimes Windows won't recognize your screenshots the first couple of times that you attempt to take them, so try a few times.It has a simple built in image editor that you can crop, erase and highlight the screenshot taken.How to take a screenshot on Windows 10 using Win Key and Print Screen button.
This is by far the easiest print screen solution for Windows 10 users.

Navigate to a page that you want to take a screenshot.