The outspoken Republican won 30 states including the key swing states Florida, Ohio and North Carolina.
Barack Obama in January.Anger and disappointment has city florist & gifts liberty tx spilled on to the streets of various US cities, with thousands of Americans rallying against Donald Trump's surprising election victory.What is the electoral college?Trump, a 70-year-old business tycoon who has made disparaging remarks about women, African-Americans, Latinos, Muslims, lgbtq people and the disabled, won the presidency after securing more than the 270 electoral votes needed to win.With a some votes still being counted, former First Lady.And why are so many Americans angry with the political establishment and Hillary Clinton?He also plans to execute the biggest tax cut in history for the wealthy.Who voted for Donald Trump?For all the threats, questionable comments, and scandals he is our soon to be kate spade coupon code november 2016 commander in chief.A few Republicans didnt like Trump from the get go but many others abandoned Trump or distanced themselves as much as possible when video of his incredibly sexist and offensive locker room talk was leaked.Mrs Clinton won 20, the majority of them in the north-east of the country including New York, New Jersey and New Hampshire.M/2016/results/president, voters seemed to completely ignore the fact that Trump has promised to take away healthcare from over 20 million people and never once said how hell replace.Clyde Wilcox - Professor of government at Georgetown University and author of Onward Christian Soldiers: The Religious Right in American Politics.Source: Al Jazeera News.He is famous for not believing in climate change stating that he believes it is a Chinese conspiracy.How many states did Trump win?Several states were the key battlegrounds.He has stated multiple times that he will build a very large wall on the border between the US and Mexico and intends for Mexico to pay for.In the end, Trump got those electoral votes and in a presidential election electoral votes are what matter.Wisconsin, Florida, and Pennsylvania are all big states that were almost neck and neck.One of the more likely reasons is just the fact that Clinton was not a very compelling presidential candidate.
This election has been one of the most polarized in history.
Under the archaic electoral college system, Americans did not directly vote for either Mr Trump or Mrs Clinton yesterday.