Crafts Day, encourage the children to do arts and crafts, either in groups or with parents, and give the public the opportunity to purchase the items.
Since these principals have been kind enough to "show and tell" an idea, now it's your turn!Bonus points for explorer outfits!Source: Lolli Haws, Schools Find Many Ways to Say "Welcome Back".The student who wins the drawing takes our school resource officer and a staff member of their choice out to lunch at a local restaurant.Your schools website needs to be modern, functional, regularly updated, optimized for mobile, and able to receive donations.Since those lakeside inn mount dora promo code selfies will be shared, this activity is also an excellent marketing tool and can attract even more donations.That would be appropriate for both male and female students at colleges.Students obtain pledges from teachers, family members, or parents for the number of pages or books they can read, and then they log the hours.Sponsorship Letters Have your students write letters to businesses asking them to sponsor your programs/events.Send in your idea today!Raffle off a week of eating out.Otherwise, have people sponsor your staff members and students doing community service for 24 hours.Laugh Lines, include a joke or two in each e-mail newsletter.Put up a jar of jellybeans in your school hallway.Place one jar per class in the hallway.Think of a theme, potentially one related to the curriculum, and organize the treasure hunt.Education World Editor-in-Chief Copyright 2006 Education World.The final winner gets a prize.
Stress Relief Event College students have a lot on their plate.
Karaoke Contest For a fun twist on the Battle of the Bands, have students form teams and compete in singing/lip syncing.

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