gta 5 how to win at darts

If it lands on the middle ring, rewards for fut champions your score will be reduced by triple the point value.
Landing all three darts there will reduce your score by 180 points.If your score dips below 0, your score will stay the same as before that turn.In GTA V, the dartboards are manufactured by Bullshot Dartboards.You can steady your aim once per leg, but it only lasts a moment.If you want to play darts while hanging out with another character, call them on your cell phone and pick them up before travelling to the Yellow Jack Inn.These places serve as both drinking and darts venues.Videos GTA 4 - One Hundred And Eighty Achievement Trophy (1080p) GTA V - Darts A perfect darts game in GTA.1, it is located southeast of the Sandy Shores airfield.If you set yourself up for a bullseye win, try your best to accurately aim for the bullseye.If a dart lands on the outermost ring, youll reduce your score by double the point value.This is the number shown on the outer rim.On the second turn, hit a triple twenty with the first dart (60 an eleven with the second, and finally finish with a bull (50).
Aiming during a game of darts in GTA.