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I'm Not Satisfied (03:13).
It was recorded for the Curtis Harrington film, Queen of Blood.The Horden Pavilion tapes are a bit special; perhaps they were mixed and edited by Zappa.Other than that, they are edited identically.The Nancy Mary Music Part.Live Compilations section (widespread use of "bonus" and "filler" tracks makes the line hard to difference between fruits and gifts of the holy spirit draw).Poot Face Booogie Sound quality: Audience B (worse than Live in Amsterdam 1971 ) Label: The Amazing Kornyphone Record Label takrl 1909.The address given to Winds Records is " Winds Records, philadelphia eagles fan walk promo code Kentish Town Road, S5 7UF Yorkshire, Sheffield".Muffin Man Side 1 is live at the Kiel Auditiorium, Saint Louis, 13-May-1975.From Andreas Kerschgens: The cd that came with the book: Im Zeichen des magischen Affen starts at track one with a "Präambel" which are some spoken words of Frank Zappa in a radio interwiew great googly pokemon x gift pokemon moogly.Re-issued on double CD as Smoke on the Water.Obviously, it's not a side of Night of the Iron Sausage, but the bootlegger's claim that it is kind of encourages me to keep thinking the song called "Night of the Iron Sausage" (which we've never gotten a positive ID on) might actually be "Ship.Dog Breath / Uncle Meat (03:53).
The Grand Wazoo.
The labels bear track lists and also say "smog records "beim "62517A 62517B" and " indescret picture show".

The disc itself says "Waterburg" instead of "Waterbury" and is labeled "ZAP 1001" instead of "zapp 1001".