Win 12012 Hans Stretz TKO 5 (10) Haus der Technik, Frankfurt Win 11912 Robert Villemain TKO 9 (10) Palais des Sports, Paris, France Win 11812 Jean Walzack UD 10) Pavillon des Sports, Geneva Win 11712 Luc van Dam KO 4 (10) Palais des Sports, Brussels.
70 He possessed tremendous versatilityaccording to boxing analyst Bert Sugar, "Robinson could deliver a knockout blow going backward." 71 Robinson was efficient with both hands, and he displayed a variety of effective punchesaccording to a time magazine article in 1951, "Robinson's repertoire, thrown with equal.
13 In London, Robinson lost bras n things promo code the world middleweight title to British boxer Randolph Turpin in a sensational bout.Robinson, Sugar Ray, and Anderson, Dave.He lost via unanimous decision to Joey Archer.29 a b Mulvaney, Kieran.41 Following Robinson's victory, residents of Harlem danced in the streets.227 Robinson and Anderson.He drove a flamingo-pink Cadillac, and was an accomplished singer and dancer, who once pursued a career in the entertainment industry.17 After being controlled by Robinson in the early portions of the fight, LaMotta came back to take control in the later rounds.Retrieved February 13, 2014.Robinson would use his formless style to exploit his opponents' weaknesses."The Lineal Light Heavyweight Champions".13 Robinson donated all but 1 of his purse for the Fusari fight to cancer research.Beyond the Ring: The Role of Boxing in American Society, Urbana: University of Illinois Press, 1998 isbn Wiley, Ralph.Viewing Boxing from Ringside, Lincoln: iUniverse, 2002 isbn Fitzgerald, Mike., and Hudson, Dabid.

60 He was diagnosed with diabetes mellitus that was treated with insulin.
84 In 1962, in an effort to persuade Robinson to return to Pariswhere he was still a national herothe French promised to bring over his masseur, his hairdresser, a man who would whistle while he trained, and his trademark Cadillac.
Robinson was initially given a TKO in 1:20 of the second round after the "obviously frightened" Morrison laid himself down on the canvas.