You can rest assured that we understand both your sweeping needs and how to keep your company compliant with today's environmental regulations.
Each of the new people that come into the business are taken through that.By us having that policy in place, it makes things a urban sherpa discount coupon lot smoother. .Street sweeping plays an important role in a wide range of applications including local government, maintenance of road infrastructure, construction of roads, rail, tunnels, other infrastructure, mining and industrial applications. .Ill be interested to see, now that Rosmech is handling and selling a regenerative-air sweeper, how youll be using it at Enviro Sweep.In those cases we run our own semitrailer, or what we call a tipper-and-dog configuration, so that we can transport material in bulk up to the EPA landfill site.WSA: Plenty of room to grow!Enviro sweep: Glad to.WSA: On the topic of drug-and-alcohol testing: I know our meeting today was postponed a little bit, because you had the unfortunate task of dealing with an employee that had not passed a second drug test. .Graham Treloar who owned Rosmech was looking to retire and sell out. .I had an accounting background and was doing some advisory sort of work for Colin and Matthew and was probably looking for a bit of a challenge a bit of diversity in what I did.EnviroSweep is local to Colorado Springs and Pueblo, therefore, we understand the specific environmental issues surrounding storm water runoff, dust mitigation and other environmental concerns at your site.And then an appointment would be organized for them for a pre-employment medical.However, we try and run fairly late model equipment. .Which, of course, those contractors love enviro sweep: Of course!However, our policy gives us a little bit of flexibility as to how we administer that. .Victoria is the only state where there is a strong union presence and it is being eroded because the unions havent always been model citizens in terms of their behavior.WSA: Well, we covered a lot of ground. .Its an expensive thing but at the end of the day, if youre earning a good income you dont have a choice.
Were in quite a big growth phase at the moment and the business is already probably the largest contractor in Australia.
Either aspects of how the market works in Australia, or how Enviro Sweep separates itself in the marketplace?