Inflate a LRD tire rated for 1,800 lbs to 55 psi and you can bear 1,600 lbs.
If it does not song wifi coupon code cover the space between the rim of the coin and the top of Washingtons head, then the tires have worn out enough that they need to be replaced.
It's also because the rubber is softer.Apparently this tire is very well regarded by Eurovan camper conversion owners who have had less than steller results from their OE Continental tires.In other words a 185R14 tire would lay 180mm of tread on the ground and this is very close to the original 7" tread of the bias ply tires.The DOT code may be 8-13 letters and numbers of any combination.You are driving a bus (technically a van) not a passenger car yet the vast majority of 14" tires are meant for passenger cars.LRD is one up from C (greater load capacity at higher maximum psi).You receive nitrogen inflation.After a short drive the pressure will increase by 3 psi so inflating to spec will leave them rocket league giving away crates under-inflated the next morning.According to old literature, the bias ply tires were.22" /-.24" (26.0-26.4 in diameter.019 would mean the 1st week of 1999.If you do, this is called feather edge wear and it means the edge of the tire has changed shape from a true circle to a series of "sawtoothed" edges that rise in the direction the tire rotates.Because they are round (really round compared to the tires that have gone 20,000 miles on your bus).If you cannot use metal-studded tires in winter, then your local Costco will not stock them for sale.Studs do provide a superior level of grip on ice and in extreme winter conditions, so Costco consumers that live in the mountains may wish to purchase these winter tires for their needs.That equates to an additional 72 being added to the final cost of a full set of tires.
Look for the letters DOT which stand for Department of Transportation.
Tire inflated to 40psi had a 1540 lbs.

Does it feel smooth or can you feel the sawtooth edges?