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Patsy eventually seemed comfortable working with him.
Charmaine's education is referenced periodically in the series: in The Test Dream it is revealed that she is a licensed notary public and in Everybody Hurts it is revealed that she went to the Wharton School of Business.
Tony ultimately murdered his own cousin to save his family and give Blundetto a quick and painless death.
While Butch will not give up Phil 's whereabouts (it is earlier established that Phil will not tell Butch where he is he gives consent on behalf of the Lupertazzi family for Tony to hunt down and murder Phil.Hesh has a son-in-law named Eli who is also involved in his loan-shark business.He has relatively few lines, but visually he is very frequently present on screen.His uncle made it clear he had to move on or kill his boss.He tells Artie Benny the voice prize 2017 is baying for blood.In season 5, Little Paulie holds a "no work" job at the Esplanade construction site and accompanied Chris when collecting a loan from writer.Ralph chose this opportunity to break up with Rosalie, claiming he was tired of her constant grief.Rosalie had severed her relationship with Angie Bonpensiero following Big Pussy 's disappearance (he was believed by the wives to have entered the witness protection program but they ultimately reconciled and Angie discussed her increasing business involvement with the DiMeo crime family with Rosalie.Though Carlo has two sons, Jason (who is seen on the show) and James (who is not Carlo's wife (if he has one) is never seen by the audience, or even mentioned, nor is Carlo ever seen with a comare or mistress.At a sitdown with Little Carmine, Butch, Albie Cianfalone, Tony and Paulie Gualtieri, everyone agrees that the war has gone too far and that Phil 's decisions have led to negative consequences on both sides.The character Hesh Rabkin may be a composite character inspired by music mogul Morris "Mo" Levy, 13 14 founder of Roulette Records, who had connections to the Mafia and owned a string of racehorses, 15 Hy Weiss (an associate of Levy's) and Gaetano "Corky" Vastola.Phil soon suffered a heart attack and Butch kept watch top gifts for husband at the hospital with othershe was confrontational when Tony visited Phil.When Patsy's then capo Paulie Gualtieri was in prison in 2002, Tony promoted Christopher Moltisanti to acting captain over Patsy (who had seniority).Ralph denies the accusation and rebukes Tony for being emotionally attached to the horse.This saved Ralphie's life, and also, although hotwire coupon code 25 off unknown to Johnny, his own, since Tony had obtained approval from Carmine to hit Johnny in order to protect the highly valuable Esplanade project to which Ralphie's involvement was key.I thought I saw a couple of niggers running that way." It is also a reference to the episode's title: " Unidentified Black Males ".However, Uncle Junior is not satisfied.(This is one of the only times in the show that Tony explicitly concedes to Carmela that murder is part of his business).