During our interview with Bush, Kim Kardashian came up to byron burger nus discount him, planted a big kiss on his lips and said how proud she was of him.
Seen celebrating on the video are Sean Payton, Drew Brees, Reggie Bush and others.
I wanted to try to convey the magic and emotion of the moment.
Comment below and leave other suggestions!I think NFC Championship / Super Bowl appearance could be anks for watching, subscribe!How far do you think our New Orleans Saints will go next season?The New Orleans Saints, that's who.As the clock ticked why is it hard for third parties to win elections down to zero in Super Bowl xliv, I willis tower skydeck coupon codes had my iPhone rolling.WE WON THE superbowl.NFL super bowl new orleans saints whodat.I didn't want to miss this.I ran onto the field with my wdsu crew and kept recording for six minutes and 30 seconds.Let me start off by saying that I am one of the most die hard.Saints fans walking this planet.I can remember the bad days as if it were yesterday.# :59 PM link edit Nice family Terrah, I would also like to remain anonymous.
# :51 PM link edit Some one knows the winner's right of privacy in Florida?
# :53 PM link edit JKL, congratulations on protecting your privacy.