The force is currently estimated to be around 200,000 strong and consist of wide array of units including light infantry divisions, amphibious assault forces, and sniper brigades.
Image Credit: AP Photo/Jon Chol Jin.
Similar to the soldiers that served in Korean War, ROK-U.S.
The War would be over in a matter of weeks.The civilian population also appears ready to endure a conflict and thinks that the dprk could emerge victorious, as Nicholas Kristof reported from Pyongyang this month: Ryang Song-chol, a 41-year-old factory worker, looked surprised when I asked if his fry's food senior discount country could survive a war with.Military success in a fight in the North will, among other factors, depend on the morale forces at play.Those defeats were the result of military hubris including underestimating non-quantifiable yet nevertheless important elements of warfare such as fighting morale or morale forces.Air Force could definitely destroy most of the capability but not all.There are additionally three to five million reservists in the Worker-Peasant Red Guard militia.And ROK ground forces would likely encounter a substantially degraded but still deadly foe.The most viable role for the aging aerial force might be to swarm over the DMZ at low altitude to hit airbases, artillery positions and logistical centers deep in South Korea.The truly paranoid might worry about a blackmailed insider, but that is just an incredibly ridiculous stretch.Forces or at least consider it if the conflict drags on inconclusively.Military technological superiority was significantly overcoming their military advances by the late 1970s.Yes sure America would win because of millitary might and technology.This reflects a longtime emphasis on infiltrating troops behind enemy lineswhether by submarine, hovercraft, motorboat, transport plane, American-built helicopters, underground tunnels, or even sneaking across the border on foot at night.It was a horrendous equation: the war was much bigger, the enemy more powerful, the domestic political support for it greatly diminished and becoming slimmer by the way.M1 Abrams tanks in a head-on confrontation.Blitzkrieg -like conventional warfare.
To the rear, four mechanized corps, two artillery corps and a single armor corps are deployed from two reserve echelons to counterattack any enemy breakthroughs or to spearhead offensives.