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Her reasoning behind not doing it makes sense but I still wish she would have agreed.
Joss always discount styrofoam ceiling tiles insisted that his shows needed a teenage energy even when the characters were a little older.
(no subject) - ionadelfina Expand I loved this ep sm The move to UPN was awful Remember this?!As someone who has been there, that gif is one of the hardest lessons to learn.Minus the slaying of my angel anya, it was pretty cool.This could've ended with Faith or another slayer getting a spin off and I would've been completely.I've re-watched the series so many times but when I think that I was twelve when that episode did I even understand what was going on?!?!Every episode with Faith was great aside from the evil Cordy shit.But as a whole.I was like hew the whole time and since when Buffy had a sis-.I'd watch a loop of Where The Wild a Things are and Go a Fish over and over before I'd rewatch anything from that disaster of a season.If FOX would spend the time and money on chain reaction discount code 2015 properly converting it to HD Widescreen, I'd be cool with it but they aren't so might as well just leave.They look nothing alike unique dave matthews band gifts and she can't act.And then to watch that horrible season 6 and the shit buffy has to put up with in season 6 7 just makes me so mad.The stakes felt high.I cringe every single time they play those dumbass promos on Gilmore Guys.I did love the return to a HS setting with lessons but they dropped that quick (no subject) - bizarrre Omg I'm screaming?Pool wave are still the most adrable thing ever (no subject) - vibeology_e Expand (no subject) - insomniachobs Expand.She literally served her purpose as a slayer here.We'd talk all week long for new episodes.