bhp rewards catalogue 2016

This is great if you are constantly on the road, as it lets you maximise how do pharmacy discount cards work on your mileage.
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Reward Points / Air Miles Earned From.
You also get to earn Mesra points and up to 8x TreatPoints when you use your Maybank petronas Maybankard or up to 7 cashback with your cimb petronas Platinum for transaction at any Petronas stations.The Mesra cards two-prong point-earning mechanism also gives the customer the advantage of earning points from purchases made on both fuel and at their convenience store.For instance, RON95 retails at RM1.75 per litre in July 2016, compared to its peak price at RM2.30 per litre in 2014.There is also a 25 bonus number of points awarded for Shell V-Power Racing fuel and bonus points to be earned based on monthly spend tiers: 125-250 litres earns 25 bonus points; 251-500 litres earns 75 bonus points and 500 litres and above earns 150.BonusLink Shell BonusLink is Malaysias first premier consumer rewards programme and has over eight million members today.It is a partnership with the Berjaya-owned BCard, a customer loyalty programme that lets you earn and redeem BPoints at 70 merchants with over 2,800 locations nationwide.Inflation is a fact of life, but you can have an easier time coping with the rising cost of living by making money-smart adjustments to your lifestyle.Meanwhile, Caltex Journey Card users will get to enjoy rewards and discount privileges from a diverse range of 70 merchants.The Petron Miles Card, with its extensive list of discounts and privileges, comes a close second.Though the point-earning mechanism rate is comparatively higher than some petrol loyalty programmes out there, the average driver will have to accumulate a substantial amount of points to qualify for fuel redemptions.Benefits BonusLink Shell Point-earning mechanism 1 point for every 1 litre of fuel purchased.However, its one litre, one reward point mechanism means you will require a longer time to accumulate points.Getting the right petrol credit card will allow you to save even more money on petrol!Members earn one point for every one litre of fuel purchased at the station, and one point for every RM1 they spend at their in-house convenience store.And if patience is not your strongest suit, you can always get a RM1 redemption for every 100 points you earn at their in-house convenience store.With a network of over 700 petrol stations in Malaysia, Mesra cardholders are likely to find a Petronas fuel station at every stop.
But while we are no longer as worked up about oil prices as before, in these lean times, every penny saved is a penny earned, and you stand to maximise your petrol dollar simply by using the right petrol brand loyalty card!